The clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm.

A 2005 study indicated that 85% of women have had faked orgasms mainly to assist their partners. If your woman is faking orgasm, it is not because you are bad in bed but because she doesn’t want to let you down. It is unlikely that she will ever experience female ejaculation during sex unless she is really happy with you, and the sex isn’t all that great.

The clitoral orgasm

Ease up to the pretty little button, tease it… don’t scare it—stimulation of the clitoris. Only the woman’s clitoris is necessary to achieve an orgasm. One can start by doing some light touching with fingers or the magical tongue. Ask her and learn to work on her clitoris because this can drive her wild.

The vaginal orgasm

This is like the clitoral orgasm, except that it goes all the way to the vaginal opening and then around the clock. The walls of the vagina can be stimulated by the fingers, tongue, lips and penis. When the g-spot is targeted, it can lead to a ground-shaking orgasm. This form of orgasm requires no clitoral stimulation.

Once she is rocked… let the woman’s vaginal area completely calm down before stimulating it again. This is to give her sufficient time to relax and prepare for another orgasm.

Three quick reminders to help your woman achieve stunning orgasms every time you make love to her.

  1. Create anticipation – this is the most important thing you can do if you want to give your woman a stunning orgasm. Most men make love to their women without any build-up, and this isn’t a good idea. It is like making love to a woman without exciting her. You both should be feeling some kind of emotional pleasure and not just the physical.
  • Learn what your woman wants – it is always good to ask her what she wants and how she likes it. It would help if you listened to her moans and groans as well as her body movements. She may give subtle signs to indicate what she likes, such as wanting you to kiss her neck or lower back. By understanding her signals, you will be able to know what you should do next to give her powerful orgasms.
  • Engage in prolonged foreplay – women can take longer to build up arousal than men, and foreplay should be an excellent opportunity to engage in lovemaking without rushing her.

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