Sex and the Senior

Sex and the Senior – Sizzling senior sex is based on the knowledge we gain as we grow older. It is no surprise and as we age, things change with our bodies. These changes can affect our sense of sexual self and impact the possibilities of sizzling senior sex.

The physical change most often experienced is – not able to bend your legs! 

But the BIG reason seniors are less physically capable of doing many things but more able to experience satisfying mind altering sex is:

  • They’ve had years of physical and emotional training that has given them the ability to do many things, more than just what can be done in the bed.
  • Discovering women have two equal parts to their sexuality: the emotional and the physical.

The woman’s sexual energy is associated with her heart. Her genitals, therefore, nourish her heart. This genital-heart relationship is the foundations to her creative energy, and creative sex energy is your true self allowing you to unleash your superpowers.

If you are worried about your physical health (bending those legs), you may want to take a gym or do some other exercises that can help you to stay active. You can go to the pharmacy and see what the big drug companies are willing to give you to help you to live a senior life.

Sex is natural. It is therefore not surprising that the soul is also part of the sex.

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