How to make your profile perfect to attract a partner

Today, almost all of us have profiles in social networks. A lot of people do it with the purpose to find a new partner, or, probably, a new love. If you are among them, you should know how to make your profile look attractive for others. There are four main aspects that you should take into consideration when you create a profile: the username, the status line, the photo, and the self-description.

  • Username
    You can actually have a smart one, but don’t make it too complicated and hard to understand. Let it be clear and easy to remember. Don’t imply any provocation by it in general and avoid sexual hints and overtones in particular.

  • Status Line
    Your status should leap to the eye, so that people would have the desire to click on your profile and learn more about you. It can be funny and suggestive being decent at the same time. Though, same as with your username, you should be careful not to sound too sophisticated.

  • Photo
    This aspect deserves your close attention. You should choose the ones that have been made rather recently. You’d better have one face shot and one full body shot. Don’t try to glamorize your real self. Otherwise, later you’ll be confused to show who you are in fact. Try to make your albums meaningful, for example, including some pictures demonstrating your hobbies.
  • Self-Description
    It should consist of three main parts. In the first one you should describe your personality. Write who you are and what you are interested in. The second one should concern things that make you distinguished. The third part should be about your present everyday life and everything that it includes. Make sure that your profile stands out and mind your spelling!

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